Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I left my flat in London at around 8:30 am, arrived at Olbia Airport by midday and by 2 pm I was on a tender speeding from the Porto Cervo marina to a super yacht anchored off the coast. 

Sometimes in life things line up so beautifully you all you can do is laugh and watch it unfold.  

The steward helped us from the tender on to the deck and up the stairs we went -instantly greeted by a glass of champagne and a spread of snacks. Looking at the glasses, and the spread of food I realised this yacht was one of our clients! It had been a tricky job, just 2 weeks before our first proposal was turned down and after so many adjustments and changes they eventually chose the products we were using! 

It's so crazy to go from seeing them on your computer screen and wrapped in bubble wrap to being on the receiving end living "dat good good life". 

The best part was it was girls only. We had the entire yacht to ourselves and unlimited champagne and then... tequila shots. You wouldn't believe most of us only just met that day or the night before, it was like partying with old friends. 

The girls said the crew had taken them fishing the day before and they caught a tuna that the chef had prepared for our lunch. 

We had the tuna curried some sorta way and a cous-cous salad with a magnificent white wine on the deck. Dreamy.

Then back at it again at Phi Beach. 

DJ Solomun was playing that night, I'm not a house fan, but the blend of setting sun and savoury suds made the music sounds just so sweet. 

Day one done. 


  1. This looks absolutely incredible and like you have all been friends for years!!! It's impossible not to have a good time with unlimited champagne and THAT setting


    1. It was such a lovely day Megan!

      I'm having major summer blues now, sitting in rainy London!

      So thrilled you enjoyed reading

      x o x o