Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Maison Et Objet Paris is the most important event in the European luxury interiors market. It is held bi-annually (winter and summer) in the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. A huge venue - spreading across 8 halls.

The January show is held during S/S Haute Couture fashion week, and the city oozes sophistication and style. 

As the name suggests, Maison et Objet is a design fair dedicated to objects more than furniture, beautiful and unusual objects of every shape and size take center stage.

Day 1 
We arrived in Paris after an indulgent Eurostar journey. I'm talking cheese platters, mini bottles of red wine and gin and tonics from the M&S outside the station. My friend and I fantasied that we were Serena & Blair/ Kendall & Bella heading to Paris. 

Dinner was at Brasserie Flottes with my work colleagues, and I treated myself to foie gras and lobster mango salad. 

Day 2
Early start at the fair.
We had exhibitors passes so we arrived before the doors were open to the public. 

It was fascinating being the first to see the halls when they were still empty of the crowds. Some of the exhibitors were still applying final touches and giving the products their final tweaks. 

The most magical part of the experience was the Baccarat party at the Galerie-Musee Baccarat. Stepping into the party was like stepping back in time, the building used to be the private mansion of a wealthy American socialite in the early 1900's.  

We were greeted by handsome men in black tie and giant blue chandeliers. The sweeping staircases led up to the original grand ball room. The Maison felt like a mini version of Versailles where models in wispy blue gowns and tiaras sipped on champagne and blue curacau cocktails - Marie-Antionette moment.

(Also, after some research I realised this venue was used in the Gossip Girl Paris episodes)

The Puiforcat showroom was our first stop on the third day, and they really spoiled us! We had lunch with the managing director and I treated myself with truffle and parmesan pizza and cod salad with green mashed potatoes (not sure why they were green) 

The final stop before dinner was the Saint Louis cocktail party where they launched their new crystal collection 'Folia'.

Then back in the office on Monday 9 am.

C'est Magnifique.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Moving into 2017 hopeful and open to change. 

I am not one for 'New Year New Me' resolutions but I wanted to share my intentions for the future. 
  • Try not to always choose the path of least resistance. 
  • Try to remember the bigger picture.
  • Take more chances. 
  • Seize the moment. 
  • Change your perspective. 
  • Get naked more. 
  • Love yourself and be kind. 
  • Travel more. 
  • Make more art.
  • Give zero fucks about what other people think of you. 
  • Love fiercely. 
  • Embrace change and vulnerability. 
  • Say "yes" and "I can" more. 
  • Be yourself, and don't feel ashamed. 

"It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over"

Are you making changes for 2017? 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Ah, Maiden Cay (Lime Cays likkle badgyal sister). 

I think the name Maiden Cay is funny and ironic considering how bad people get on out there. The combination of rum, sun and half naked people can only mean one thing; wildness. 

ICONIC image. I don't know who took it, but if you're from Kingston you know this photo.

Photo from Pintrest

We went out on a yacht with a big group of people. The best part of endless summer seasons is bikinis. For this trip I chose a party bikini rather than one actually meant for swimming.

It rained a bit in the morning and so the sea was choppy and dark, but then there was a beautiful rainbow over Kingston that made the rain worth it. Can you spot it in the video? 


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Friday, 6 January 2017


My European friends are always amazed at the thought of a sunny Christmas. Anybody who has watched TV knows that Christmas = fireplaces, snow, reindeer and white Santa Claus in a wooly red hat etc.

In Jamaica we still have the Santa Claus but he's usually black... sometimes skinny. I imagine he's really sweaty and hot running around in his red woollies. My mummy used to tell me that Santa had to slip through the bars on the windows instead of down the chimney, because people don't generally have fireplaces in the Caribbean.

We spend most of the time outdoors, usually on veranda's or terraces next to pools or the ocean. I ate Christmas brunch on a bamboo chair in the sunshine wearing a dress.

On my second day we took a canoe out to Lime Cay, a tiny tiny little island about 20 minutes off the coast of Kingston. It's about the size of a football field with nothing on it except sand and some wild trees. My friend said she felt like Robinson Crusoe. 

Lime Cay essentials:

Sunblock (The sun out there is no joke)
Appleton Rum (VX if you're flossin, Special if you're not)
Coconut Water (for chaser)
Water (so you don't get heat stroke)
Rizzla (Raws, please)
Some cash for the canoe man ($1500 JMD or $15 USD round trip)
Iphone camera
Food! (We ate about 20 bags of plantain chips, but usually people bring KFC)

photo above from

So who wants to come visit? 

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


My friend, Rissikat, made a Vlog of our London day out for her youtube channel. 

She does so many other cool videos of natural hair tutorials and Vlogs about her life, modelling between Ibiza and London.

We met on Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Cycle 8 and she has been one of my closest friends since then. Emma and Kelly also make appearances.

Check it out below!

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