Wednesday, 2 November 2016


A few years ago, I saw a video of Adriana Lima and her preparation for the VS fashion show, standing in a boxing ring looking way too perfect for someone who just completed a day’s worth of training.

I’ve worked with a few trainers since then and I can honestly say boxing is one of my favourite exercises. I just picture some assholes face on the punching bag and jab, right hook, jab, jab -Frustrations out, sweat out, confidence up. 

Having a one-on-one personal training session every weekend is very expensive and unrealistic for my current budget and lifestyle. The boutique gyms around London give pretty much the same results without the price tag. 

Their facilities are immaculate and well designed, the trainers are attractive, friendly and the best at what they do. You can go to these spaces and do your class, have a special health smoothie, get some special health food in the special on-site café from their special on-site kitchen or even get your hair done in the salon surrounded by like-minded special people. Very LA.

My top picks for Boxing-HIIT combination classes are: 

My latest trip was to KOBOX on King’s Road, Chelsea. It’s sparsely decorated and very minimalistic, with a room for the classes and a boxing ring.

The fitness room is dark except for UV kind of lights, with big mirrors and colourful lights along the ceilings. My class had about 30 people, a mixed crowd of both men and women. My friends were quick to point out how hot all the guys were (apparently, an unusual phenomenon)

We did the full-body workout with a pint-sized fierce teacher called Maciela - it was so tough! We used weights, body-weight, punching bags, everything. You either start on the bags or on the wall and then switch after about 3 or 4 minutes with minimal rest in between.

Not looking like Adriana Lima after class

We pre-ordered our smoothies before the class so they were ready for us as soon as we were out. I had an almond-chocolate-protein-something and my friend had a coconut blueberry protein smoothie.

After we showered and cleaned up we took a stroll around Chelsea. Every Saturday there is a market by The Duke of York Square next to the Saatchi Gallery.

They have stalls with all kinds of food, from oysters and champagne to Ethiopian vegan wraps or crispy duck sandwiches. You can grab a bite and sit in the square where there is usually a live band playing. That afternoon a Spanish guitar group was playing The Gipsy Kings (my grandma loves The Gipsy Kings, who doesn't love the Gipsy Kings?)

SO good! But it was way too chilly to sit outside so we ended up having a long lunch at Nell’s further down King’s Road.

Do you like to keep fit with friends? Or maybe you prefer a strictly a boozy brunch or sleeping in all Saturday? 

Let me know in the comments below! 


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