Friday, 6 January 2017


My European friends are always amazed at the thought of a sunny Christmas. Anybody who has watched TV knows that Christmas = fireplaces, snow, reindeer and white Santa Claus in a wooly red hat etc.

In Jamaica we still have the Santa Claus but he's usually black... sometimes skinny. I imagine he's really sweaty and hot running around in his red woollies. My mummy used to tell me that Santa had to slip through the bars on the windows instead of down the chimney, because people don't generally have fireplaces in the Caribbean.

We spend most of the time outdoors, usually on veranda's or terraces next to pools or the ocean. I ate Christmas brunch on a bamboo chair in the sunshine wearing a dress.

On my second day we took a canoe out to Lime Cay, a tiny tiny little island about 20 minutes off the coast of Kingston. It's about the size of a football field with nothing on it except sand and some wild trees. My friend said she felt like Robinson Crusoe. 

Lime Cay essentials:

Sunblock (The sun out there is no joke)
Appleton Rum (VX if you're flossin, Special if you're not)
Coconut Water (for chaser)
Water (so you don't get heat stroke)
Rizzla (Raws, please)
Some cash for the canoe man ($1500 JMD or $15 USD round trip)
Iphone camera
Food! (We ate about 20 bags of plantain chips, but usually people bring KFC)

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So who wants to come visit? 

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