Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I did a course at the Inchbald School of Design, a specialist Interior Design school. It was the best learning experience I've had. The lecturer was so passionate and informed about the history of interiors and architecture. 

Since then I have been on a path that I hope will eventually lead to designing and decorating properties. 

One of the most fun parts of creating a space is making the mood board. 

Here are a few of the interiors and designers that are currently on my inspiration radar.

India Mahdavi 

Epic Epic Epic. Top of my list as my favourite public space designer.

India Madahvi is the reigning queen of colour "It's the best way to bring sunshine into a space," says the Paris-based interior designer. "Sunshine is happiness, and my work is about happiness."
- Architectural Digest, Sept. 2016.

Don’t be afraid of keeping the same colour throughout your scheme. Use the furniture as art and accent pieces to create pops of interest. You can't go wrong being brave! 

Ashley Stark

Stark is the creative director at Stark Carpets, if you haven’t been on her Instagram yet you have to check it out @ashleystark

India Hicks

English aristocrat and Princess Diana’s flower girl grows up to be blonde boho model goddess, moves to Bahamas with her beautiful family and designs my dream beach house and my dream beach life. All of that.

Greg Natale

Australian elegance. I love the Australian aesthetic - beachy and wild but with a sophisticated edge. I have a fantasy image of Australia - as this first world cosmopolitan haven, but everyone is always outdoors or at the beach tanning and working out, and everyone has naturally ombre hair, and dresses in my dream summer wardrobe and eats Acai bowls. I like this fantasy. 

Greg Natale knows how to mix patterns but with all the class.

Black, white and baby blue can be masculine, feminine and utterly refined. Gold accents are always a good idea.

Ann Hodges

Jamaica’s most recognised contemporary architect and interior designer. Her creations make me feel nostalgic for home and childhood memories. Lots of lazer cut details in wood and big windows to let in the Caribbean light. Dreamy. 

Keep it Simple. 
White painted walls and wood goes a long way if you have a lot of natural light . Traditional wood work can be updated using colour and carvings. Mix  soft furnishings with natural materials like wicker or sea shells. Note the accent wall made of photographs - different sizes and shapes but the black frames give unity. 

It's all about using light, colour and comfort to create a space that people enjoy being in and want to come back to.

Let me know any designers, Instagram/Pintrest pages or artists that inspire you in the comments below!

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