Tuesday, 28 February 2017


We travelled to Paris on a 5am train to the hidden silver workshop of Hermes and Puiforcat. The manufacturers had  invited us to see how the silverware is created, and the meet the artisans who craft these beautiful objects. 

Once one understands the time and craftsmanship that goes into making luxury goods (from handbags, cars and watches etc.) one understands why it must cost so much. It takes around 10 years to train to be a silversmith, and the love of their craft translates into the pieces.

We were given our tour by Hermes' top Silversmith - a friendly and passionate Frenchman that didn't speak any English, called Arnold. 

We were greeted by tea, coffee and fruits in a workshop. The walls were covered in tools and equipment that have been specially made by the silversmiths for the Puiforcat silverware. They have been using tools like these for hundreds of years with little changes. 

These silversmiths make all the tools and products by hand. They curve the silver by beating it with hammers, using heat, fire, polishers and acid until it is smooth and mirror-perfect. They engrave the metals using microscopes and free hand drawing. It’s a time consuming but magical process. 

We were lucky with the timing of our visit. The artisans had just completed the silver coffee and tea service in the photos below. This design was first created for Emperor Joseph I the King of Germany - only 10 have been made since its first production in 1759.

This set took a year and half to complete and retails for approximately 500,000 Euros!

The latest collection - Puiforcat Orfevre-Sommelier, is a collection of wine glasses and decanters that were designed by Puiforcat, London based designer Michael Anasassiades and 'World's Best Sommelier 2004' Enrico Bernardo.

We visited Enrico Bernardo's Michelin star Parisian restaurant, IL VINO for a meal paired with wines selected by the sommelier using the new collection.


Truffle something or other


Citrus sorbet

Then full of food we travelled back to London on the 4 pm train, un merveilleux mercredi! 

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