Wednesday, 5 October 2016


A few top feelings of boring adult life in not particular order:

i) Taking your bra off after a long day
ii) Waking up on a Saturday or Sunday without needing an alarm and no hang over
iii) Turning your out of office on during the week because its time for a HoLiDaY

Sardinia is a large island off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.

It sunny, beautiful and glamorous - everything I needed in a get away from 'real life'. So off I went... bye bye grey London! Ciao Italia!

With a group of my friends we went to stay in the villa of our Sardinian girl friend. She works in concierge and PR for many private clients, restaurants and night clubs in London, Sardinia and Cote D'Azur- so basically, she got the hook up.

We had aperitifs at Phi Beach - I think it's one of the most beautiful venues I've been to. I promise, I had a near spiritual moment when the sun was setting on the horizon and they were playing Fleetwood Mac - Dreams ... or maybe it was the drinks. 

This summer I really discovered Aperol Spritz - a perfect summer drink with Aperol liqueur, champagne/ Prosecco, soda water, a splash of Campari, plenty ice and a slice of orange. DO try at home. 

After Phi Beach, we had dinner in Porto Cervo marina surrounded by Super Yachts. Beautiful sushi, espresso martini's and wine. I din't have my phone out at the table so there there aren't any pictures of the food, just some dessert. I ate a lot of dessert this summer... a lot. 

Then we went straight to Billionaire Porto Cervo Sardinia's exclusive night club. 

The next day, we wondered the island in the sunshine. After negotiating a painfully expensive taxi ride. We had lunch and coffee by the smaller marina in Porto Cervo and enjoyed the views of the yachts. 

Second night and it's party time! You can tell I have lived in London a long time because all my clothes are black. It was so nice to get dressed up, do my make up and hair and wear heels. I am around 6" 4 in heels, which is kind of intense for people who don't know me. The older I get the funnier I find this - if I meet someone and I am sitting they are so shocked once I stand to say hello. 

Jacket: ZARA


Shorts: Cochianna's store in Jamaica in New Kingston Business Centre. 

Clutch: ASOS

My friend tried to convince me that the beaches in Sardinia were the most beautiful in Europe. Being from the Caribbean she noted I am spoilt for beaches. She's right - our sand is the whitest, our water the bluest and the most crystal clear - most days you can see your toes in the sand through the waves. I will admit I did not swim in Sardinia, the water was just too cold! But still very beautiful. 

The view was stunning, like a scene from The Talented Mister Ripley. Super yachts and beautiful young tanned Italian people, little kids playing in the sand. There were many sun beds and umbrellas for hire, as well as African immigrants hustling and selling towels and imitation designer handbags. 

Its a completely different way of beach leisure that we do not culturally have as Jamaicans. For one thing, most Jamaican's can't swim. 

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Same as above

This night - guys, I can't even tell you about this night. We turned all the way up. Tequila, tequila, tequila. All I know is those shoes were exchanged for flats before the clock struck midnight and I didn't get home until the sun was up. 

Not going to lie, coming back to the office was like returning from a fantasy. 

x o x o

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