Monday, 3 October 2016

First post


I have been toying with the idea of making a blog for a while. Like a true procrastinator, I had to wait until the summer was done, and autumn has made it too dark and cold to want to be outside.

This year has been a period of growth for me. I managed to get my first adult 9 - 6 job in London, make a pension plan, learn to use SAGE accounts package and negotiation "office politics" (gross). I share an adult apartment with my boyfriend. We leave for work in the morning - him in a suit and tie, me in jeans and trainers, he kisses me goodbye, I say have a wonderful day. We meet at night, have dinner, watch a movie and then sleep. Rinse. Repeat. Sometimes we go to the gym.

As the days turn into months I am trying to learn how to balance self growth and improvement with the supposedly inevitable monotony of "adult life". They say that the millennial generation is convinced their life is Special, capital S. I wont disagree or pretend that I don't feel that way, I mean, Special, capital S - praying I am on the right path, not wasting my life working for some rich white asshole guy, making his dreams come true and not my own.

So here I am, first post - let's see where this goes.


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