Sunday, 23 October 2016


When I'm travelling I like to divide my days and nights into three parts (yes, I made a pie chart) 

Barcelona is a city with all three in abundance.

As soon as we landed and dropped off our bags we headed to Las Ramblas (a main tourist destination and hub in the city) to have paella and some Spanish wine. The youth and warmth of this city strikes you here, as you watch the crowds amble past and feel the Mediterranean sunshine on your face.  

Don't ever shy away from the big tourist attractions if you're on a holiday. Experience as many landmarks as you can in this life - from Renaissance period art to graffiti in the hidden alleyways. Immerse yourself fully and deeply.  

Gaudi began construction of La Sagrada Familia 133 years ago, and this cathedral is still unfinished. If you think about it - when the idea of this mega-structure was first conceived women couldn't vote, WWI and WWII hadn't happened, people barely had running water in their houses much less mobile phones and WiFi. Big things guys... and this cathedral is still not finished.

From afar is has an ugly-beauty. It reminded me of sandcastles I used to make with my brother and sister when I was a kid - taking soaking wet sand in our fingers we would hold them high and let the sand drip-drop into lumpy piles and shapes before they washed away in the waves.  

Nothing can prepare you for what's inside. The design is breathtaking, there is no other word for it. Your neck will ache from staring up at the ceiling and walls. I can not believe there is another space like this on Earth. Even if you know nothing about art, and don't care about design, you must see this place once in your lifetime.

Barcelona tip's and trick's 
  • If you go in the summer - take water with you EVERYWHERE. It is so hot... so hot. You won't even believe how hot it is. 
  • Book ahead for all tourist attractions - we didn't book the Gaudi Park Guell, so we couldn't go inside as it was completely booked up. Super annoying, especially after the sweaty hike up a mountain to get to the park. 
  • If you visit La Sagrada Familia it is worth paying extra for the audio guide and to go up one of the church spires. You get a beautiful view of the city and get to see the main cathedral floor from above. 
  • Eat Paella, as much as possible. eat. eat. eat. 
  • When you visit the beach - bring a book, snacks. water, and a towel. Also bring some change to rent an beach umbrella. To rent one for the day is approximately 6 Euros.

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